From the desk of: Christine Clayfield, Founder and CEO of World Wide Self Watch the video above to see PROOF my methods work!

christine-clayfield-2-web-sI am the author of the best selling book From Newbie To Millionaire and I am also the creator of the video tutorials on how to self publish a book worldwide in different formats.

Let me tell you right from the start: I cannot promise you your own mansion by next month or some life filled with luxury where servants wait on your every command. I could never sit here and sell you some automated system that sent $100,000’s of dollars into your bank account each month while you trotted around the globe in your private jet. And if I did have an automated gem like that in my possession — I would NEVER sell it for fear that it would create competition and destroy my jet-setting lifestyle!

The point is… This is NOT some blueprint to create some virtual automated money machine where you just pull out money without any work —this is my actual self publishing success formula from A to Z that I will share with you. No guessing and no wondering “What do I do next?”. Your own level of success will be determined by your own efforts and determination.

I am skipping all the adjectives that you find on overhyped sales letters, like “cash-machine”, “super easy”, “instant money flow” and “money sucking software” ! Instead, you will read here exactly what you will get when you hit the buy button.

I can promise you that you can copy what I do when I publish a new book. I can also tell you that I have been making money with my book publishing methods for over 4 years now. I publish a new book on average every 6 weeks applying exactly the same method I will be teaching you.

I have created an income you can easily live on, just by publishing books. If I can do it, so can you!

  • Real Time Video Training – Watch Over My Shoulder And Copy What I Do For YOUR Book
  • I’ve recorded all the videos personally, my voice, not some hired actor who knows nothing about self publishing.
  • No need to download the videos.

I am not the only one who earns money from publishing books. Watch the video below to see my student Lasun, who has already published several books following my publishing methods. You will find more live testimonials further down this page.


title want to publish a book

So, you always wanted to publish your book and don’t know how to? You can’t see the wood for the trees? It all seems too complicated? Or maybe you’ve been rejected by book publishers before?  Or you think you need a lot of money? Maybe you are a wannabe author? I will answer all your questions and I can help you! I am an experienced book publisher and I have been rejected myself by several book publishers! If you’ve always wanted to publish your book or have published it before without success, this is EXACTLY what you need. My self publishing method works best for informative books but can be used to publish any type of book.

title why self publish

The traditional publishing environment has changed and it will never be the same again due to the current digital revolution that completely changed everything. Writers who understand and use this new technology will be ahead of the game…. Many traditional book publishers are struggling because people buy books on the internet instead of walking into book shops. The war of the eReaders/books/ebooks hots up and independent writers and wannabe authors now have a self-publishing avenue available that is very low cost and reaches millions of potential readers. In this quickly evolving digital age, writers are presented with an unprecedented opportunity. You will never have to beg publishers again, only to be told your book is rejected! Here are only a few big advantages of being a self publisher:

  • YOU are in control of EVERYTHING, not your publisher. Your publisher controls your cover, your content, your title, your book size. You have no say in the matter!
  • YOU can sell your book anywhere you want. With a traditional publisher, you can’t even sell your book where you want to as they are in control.
  • You will get paid much faster than with traditional publishing.
  •  YOU will earn most money, not your publisher. You can earn up to 70% of each sale ! With a traditional publisher you could earn 10% of the net revenue, if you’re lucky.
  • YOU will earn 100% of your sales from your ebooks.
  • YOU keep all rights to your work. Some publishers have small letters in their contracts saying they own the rights.
  • You will be able to sell your book for years to come. A traditional book publisher moves on to another book after 3 months and will totally forget yours. As a self publisher, you have much longer to establish yourself.


That’s my product in a nutshell. Read on for a lot more details…..

I have created a series of video tutorials. I start with finding a brand new niche, I create a book for that niche (outsource the writing of the book), and I show you everything that I do all the way to the final submission and approval to the leading book publishers.

The end of the video tutorials show you the end result: my book, in my brand new niche, placed into the world’s most comprehensive distribution channels and distributed worldwide in all possible formats….. so that ANYONE can read the book, no matter what eReader device they have.  I SHOW you that my new book is Number 1 on Amazon and Number 1 on lots of book selling websites.

You will learn everything you need to know to create, set up and market your book worldwide.

Every single thing I do, to publish a new book, is recorded by me, on video, REAL TIME recordings, I SHOW you how to do it all. Absolutely nothing left out.

If you have your book written already,  I show you how to publish it worldwide, in all the popular formats!

and…as an added bonus You’ll Get Even More Custom Video Training for Affiliate Sales: includes setup and submission to Clickbank to gain marketing as affiliates can sell your books for you.

3 steps to mulitple streams x

title whats included under exposed

Covered in the video tutorials:

  • PROOF my system works by showing you my books being number1 on web sites.
  • How to find a new niche that has buyers reaching for their wallets.
  • How to check if your niche will be profitable or not.
  • How to outcource the writing of your book in your newfound niche.
  • How to outsource the cover design.
  • Outsourcing from A to Z.
  • How to do keyword research for success.
  • How to select keywords that will sell your book.
  • How to decide on the selling price of your book.
  • The difference between traditional publishing and my method.
  • Disadvantages of using traditional publishing.
  • What my secret method is of being accepted by the world’s largest book publisher.
  • Which publishing company is the best one to work with and why you will earn more with them.
  • What the difference is between the printing costs and profits from popular publishing companies.
  • The difference between several well known publishing companies.
  • Why you will earn less if you choose a well known publisher whose printing is cheaper!
  • Why you will earn more if you sign up with a publisher who charges very small set up fees!
  • How to avoid the most common publishing problems most new authors face.
  • How NOT to design a cover.
  • How to make a thumbnail of your cover so you can see how people see your cover on Amazon.
  • Different formats of ebooks available on the market.
  • DRM Digital Rights Management explained.
  • What is a pen name and why and when use one.
  • How to create your hard copy book (for immediate acceptance) and publish it worldwide.
  • How to create your ebook version (for immediate acceptance) and publish it worldwide.
  • How to create your Kindle book (for immediate acceptance) and publish it worldwide.
  • How to create your iBook for iTunes, (for immediate acceptance) and publish it worldwide.
  • How to create a mobile phone version,  (for immediate acceptance) and publish it worldwide.
  • How to create an audio book, (for immediate acceptance) and publish it worldwide.
  • How to create an Android version,  (for immediate acceptance) and publish it worldwide.
  • Uploading and publishing all your books in the different formats.
  • How to convert your book in all  popular formats, suitable for ANY eReader device.
  • How NOT to convert your book.
  • How to test if people will be able to read your ebook on their eReader device.
  • The importance of a clickable Table of Contents for your eBooks.
  • How to insert a clickable Table of Contents in your ebooks.
  • How to convert all covers for the different formats of books.
  • How to best convert your pictures for an ebook.
  • Pricing & profit structure.
  • Why sometimes it is best to delete some pictures, to earn more with your Kindle book.
  • How to sell your book to libraries.
  • How much you can realistically earn.
  • How to calculate your net profits, starting from the selling price.
  • How much self publishing cost.
  • How much royalties you will get paid and when.
  • How to maximise your royalties.
  • What size book to choose to maximise your profit.
  • How to create an eye catching title so that your book is easily found on Amazon and book web sites.
  • Why people will subconsciously buy YOUR book with my method.
  • The self publishing process from A to Z.
  • Creating the sales page for your eBook on Clickbank.
  • Upload sales page for your eBook on Clickbank.
  • How to write your back cover text or blurb.
  • How to format all your books for immediate acceptance by the publisher.
  • How to set up a sales page for your ebook, put it on Clickbank for affiliates to sell.
  • Marketing your book for maximum sales.
  • LIVE proof that your book will be all over the web applying my methods
  • Violation of Copyright issues.
  • Total cost and profit calculations
  • How much can you realistically earn from one book.
  • Traffic Generation Methods
  • …..and a whole lot more!

……and that’s just in the first video! (only joking).

Also exposed:

  • My secret “ketchup” marketing strategies on how to make your book number 1 on Amazon.
  • How to keep your book Number 1 on Amazon for years to come.
  • Why you will often sell more by pricing your book higher!
  • How to make $100 and more from the sale of ONE eBook, that sells for $4!
  • How to make money from an eBook that you GIVE AWAY FREE.

All that and much more in ONE product!

    • All in a watch-over-my shoulder format. You can copy exactly what I do to publish YOUR book.
    • You will see PROOF that my publishing methods work.
    • I share my full self publishing success formula, absolutely NOTHING left out.
    • One submission – worldwide distribution!

title no experience

If you have already written your book, I show you exactly what to do to get it published worldwide.

You don’t have to be an expert writer or even know the first thing about ‘self publishing’.  You will get everything you need to know from ‘A to Z’ to build your self-publishing business –all from ‘scratch’!

Relax. It’s all here inside the videos. You don’t need to be a writer, or a publisher, or have any special knowledge. I’ll give you all the knowledge you need. So if you can turn on your computer and create a provider account on a freelancer site (I’ll show you how), you can hire a freelancer to do it all for you!

I purposely created the ‘World Wide Self Publishing Business Training’ program especially for new self publishers and people who have never written a book or sold a book before.

Nobody is showing new self publishers exactly what to do step-by-step: from finding a new niche to the entire self publishing process. You’ll learn how to do everything from: hiring the outsourcer (or doing the writing and design yourself) and formatting the book, to getting the completed book accepted on marketing sites — all the way to having your new book be ranked # 1 on Amazon, Kindle and other huge book publishing sites.

I simplify how to create your own self published book and sell it. So no matter what writing experience you have had before, even if you have never published a book before — now you can!

Right now you can profit from my experience! Get ready to build your own self publishing business and significantly cut down your learning curve by simply watching my step-by-step video training! Just follow along as I show you how to create your first book from scratch — all with crystal clear videos – delivered in bite-sized easily chewable pieces!

Even experienced book sellers will learn valuable tips and methods I use to boost books to # 1 on Amazon, so this is incredible value even if you have sold books before.

title no ordinary training

step by step system

You can spend hours , days and weeks trying to figure things out but a fast way to become a successfull self publisher is by seeing how things are done. I don’t TELL you how to do things, I SHOW you how to do it, in real time recordings.  In most courses you buy, you are told what to do but not shown what to do. That’s why this is no ordinary training! This is different!

One of the problems with learning anything is reading a book and figuring out how to do it — it can be hard to do. That’s why I’ve created my step-by-step video training to avoid that problem. You’ve got to SEE how something is done to be able to copy it and follow along, right?

Written instructions are fine but no matter how good the instructions are, it suffers from these problems:

1. The instructions don’t have enough details to show you how to do something, or…

2. The instructions are overly detailed and you get overwhelmed with remembering what to do next…

Most people find that actually watching someone do something right in front of them is the easiest and simplest way to learn it.

A Video Is Worth A 1000 Words!

So it makes common sense to me that with creating your own self publishing business, you’ll want to have step-by-step, and very detailed VISUAL instruction. And that is exactly what I’ll give you. I want to be sure you get started off on the right foot and… with my easy to understand and visual instructions via ‘watch over my shoulder style’ video coaching — you can easily and quickly create your first book.

I absolutely guarantee that you can copy my self publishing success system and create your very own success while avoiding all the mistakes that cost me dearly. My step-by-step-method can be applied in ANY niche.

title comfort of your home


My innovative self publishing methods allowed me to build my own business and generate an income that allows me to live a luxury lifestyle.

Are you getting excited yet? You should be!

Here’s how my self-publishing video training works. Most people want to write a book and many people have the ability, others have the drive, some simply don’t have the time. The problem for most of them is they don’t have the organisation or the marketing skills once they have written the book.

This training does just that: it gives you a complete road map to publishing success. After completing my self publishing training and watching the step-by-step videos, you will be able to create multiple formats of your book. ANYONE will be able to read your book, whatever device they have to read it on. And anyone will also be able to listen to your book with your audio book version.

I’ll show you how to find a profitable book niche, create the book (either by writing it yourself or outsourcing the book creation and cover design) and how to sell your own books both online and offline.

outsource everything

You can outsource all the hard work for the book creation and design and leave it to freelancing experts — if you want to so you don’t have to even write one word yourself! That’s what I do! All I do is find new niches “with potential” and I let others do the writing and make the cover.

(Special Note: If you have written your own book already, you can just skip the outsourcing videos. My methods can still be applied if you have completed writing your book already and are looking to get your book accepted by book publishers world wide.)

When you watch my custom video training you’ll see how easy it is to outsource the book content and book cover design. All you’ll need to do is watch my outsourcing videos and you’ll know all my personal tips on hiring, selecting, editing the work, confirming the completed work and then paying freelancers — to produce your first book!

Outsourcing the book may be a very daunting task to a person who has never done it before, as I am well aware as I have hired numerous outsourcers over the years to ‘ghostwrite and design my books’.

With that thought in mind, I have included a complete series of outsourcing videos dedicated to make outsourcing a breeze.

I’ll even give you all the nitty gritty details of outsourcing and you will get the names and contact information of the exact same outsource providers I use!I’ll show you everything – from how to post a project on a freelance site, how to review the work of the bidding freelancers, and select the winning bid (and what you should pay) and how to review the work they do, including how to handle editing and final reviews to be sure you receive a high quality completed book ready to sell. You can rest easy because you’ll know everything from start to finish as well as how the freelancing site escrows your money and how to release it and pay the freelancer and when complete how to leave feedback!

And to make sure you can follow everything I do, step by step, my video training goes in great depth so you know exactly what to do and when — it leaves nothing out.

Why outsource the book and not write it yourself?

Because you want to spend your time focusing on finding profitable niches and marketing the books your outsourcers create — so you can focus on the profit generating end of your business to maximize your book sale earnings!

title Why Should you believe me

How do YOU know that I know how to do self publish a book? Why can you believe what I say? Well, I have been a full time internet marketer for 7 years. You can put your trust in me as I prove on the videos that I know how to self publish . I also show you lots of my own books that are number 1. In my video tutorials, you will see that I create a brand new book in a brand new niche and that book is Number 1 on hundreds of websites at the end of the videos.

Let me tell you how I figured out all the ‘insider secrets’ to earn money self-publishing your books!

Remember: I did NOT stumble upon this self-publishing solution by chance. I meticulously searched for a PRACTICAL, PROVEN, and APPLICABLE self publishing blueprint that would– end all the confusion and problems an amateur publisher can encounter with creating a self published book.

It wasn’t always easy…

Over the last 3 years, I’ve bought 28 books and over 60 ebooks about online and offline book publishing, spending over $2,167 — all with the intention of trying to learn how to create and sell my own books.

None of them gave me what I was looking for, which was a complete self-publishing system. I learned valuable tips from each book, but they all lacked a complete ‘self-publishing action plan’ to create a book and sell it from start to finish in hard copy, ebook and kindle versions and any other e-Reader format.

So after years of trial and error I created my own private self publishing system to do just that. In fact, I am also the author of the well known book “From Newbie To” product which is all about how to make money online. In that book, I mention that part of my income is from publishing books. This book was not outsourced but written by me.

Now after over three years of testing, tweaking and experimenting with creating and profitably selling lots of books– many becoming # 1 on Amazon — I have complied what I learned and have created a customized self publishing training program — available to you right here in the ‘World Wide Self Publishing Training’!

I’ll give you private access to all my self-publishing secrets .

You can clone my private, self-publishing system — it’s the exact same system I used to publish lots of books. Sceptical? You needn’t be. I run my business with a high standard of ethics. I am too proud to launch a bunch of inferior videos.

I have created and sold dozens of self published books which earn me a consistent income month after month, year after year.

Just so you know I’ve made considerable profits, not just for one year but for the last 3 years – even in this sluggish economy, my book sales numbers are STILL incredible! You are right to be sceptical, and with good reason, because you’ve probably heard all about those ‘get-rich-quick-scams’ that only take your money with nothing to show for it — but this IS different. I can guarantee that!


A Lot Of My Books Are Number 1 On Amazon.

I am offering to you the proven tools you need to create your own self publishing business.

You will also receive my secret tips for how to get top ranking for your books so they are found on Amazon and Kindle searches!


See My #1 Amazon Books!


sales page pic hedgehog uk

finding niches amazonmaltese amazonproofs-2b

See My Ranking For Multiple Keywords For A Single Book On Amazon!


title one book multiple streams2

In today’s world of multiple format self publishing: you must fill the needs of your readers, otherwise you will lose sales. Because some people want a hard copy book, others a digital ebook, many want e-reader style formats to read on their Kindle style device. Add to that, the buyers who only want to buy books to read on their Android or mobile phone! With that thought in mind… you need to offer books in a wide range of formats so you can please all your buyers — in order to maximize sales! You can create multiple streams of  income with one book.

The reason why I created this custom video training is to help new self publishers avoid wasting valuable time with years of trial and error (not to mention expense!) of learning self publishing the hard way. I wish I would have had a resource like this when I started my own self publishing business as this would have eliminated a lot of headaches and frustration of learning it all through the ‘school of hard knocks’!

Now… After three years of searching, implementing, and testing, I am ready to offer you a ‘PROVEN self-publishing blueprint’ that is guaranteed to solve most of the problems a self-publisher would encounter building their new self-publishing business.

I poured my vast self publishing knowledge into creating a complete A to Z video series, which I call my ‘World Wide Self Publishing Business Training’ program.

Once you have watched my videos, you can copy exactly what I do with your own book. I show you how you can earn money from  multiple streams of income with ONE book.

      • all hands free – instantly delivered in just seconds to your buyers — 100% automatically!

How would you like to be handed the exact step by step building blocks for your own self-publishing business?

Once you have my ‘unique blueprint’ in your hands, it will become your own ‘self-publishing bible’ for building your new publishing business. The best part is…. your distribution is worldwide!

 The publishers that I use have distribution channels worldwide so you can also sell books in French, Spanish, Italian, etc…

title market worldwide

One Submission, Worldwide Distribution!

See One Of My Books Sold In 41 Different Locations In All Formats!

fuk-pig group-sites-final-web

title how much can you earn

title income year after year

The first thing you need to know is that, with my methods, you can earn every month, for years to come. Here is a screenshot of ONE of my books, where you can see I have been paid for 3 years. The screenshot shows you ONLY one type of income: the hard copy book in UK sales.

sales page pigeons 3 years

So, how much can you earn? Well, to be perfectly honest: nothing, unless you are prepared to put some effort in it!  Surprised about my answer? That’s because I HATE false promises myself! I cannot promise you your own mansion by next week nor can I promise you that you will earn $20.000 next month. I under-promise and over-deliver, unlike a lot of products that I’ve bought!

You’ve heard me saying on the video above that I totally hate overhyped sales letters and videos, so I am NOT giving you screenshots saying how many millions you will be earning.

You can download income screenshots from the internet, you can buy bank statement pictures on stock photo websites, you can use clickbank screenshots from! Some internet marketers probably do just that but I am known as an “honest” internet marketer and I want to keep it that way!

It is irrelevant what I earn,

what is important is what YOU can earn!

I can tell you how much you can realistically earn. Here’s just a sample of the income you could be making – this is an average of the income you can make from just selling 1 book, look at the income from 10 books and then 20!

realistic sales correct profit amountsxx

Once you have bought the product, I will show proof on video that I have been paid each month for the same book for over 2 years without ever touching it !  Note: I don’t always publish each book in all the above formats, it depends on the niche.

Even if you only ever publish one book, you can create an income for years to come!

Today, I can offer you, hands-down the most powerful Self Publishing Business Building Program out there — based on my own book publishing success story!

It’s called the ‘World Wide Self Publishing Business Training’ program.

It comes to you packed full of custom self publishing video training with a quick start guide. I am giving you all the exact tools (the same tools I use) — to create your first book from scratch all the way — to building a multi-book self publishing business!

You won’t have to search high and low for information all over the web, getting bits and pieces of the self publishing puzzle and not knowing if they will work for you or not, nor the hassle and the expense of hiring a marketing consultant or guru for top dollar/pound to show you how to self-publish. You can SAVE that money!

title never been a better time

There has NEVER been a better time to create your own self publishing business! I know, times are hard for a lot of people but publishing books these days is not hard and you don’t need a lot of money to start with so it is an ideal opportunity and NOW is the time to start. You WILL be able to publish books after you’ve watched the videos, I’ve made the videos very easy so everybody can understand how it all works.

The ‘World Wide Self Publishing Business Training’ program takes out all the guesswork.  And it doesn’t just focus on downloadable PDF style ebooks either!

You get it all:

      • How to find hot niche topics that has buyers reaching for their wallets.
      • Discover how to put together eye catching titles that are easily found on Amazon and Clickbank’s searches!
      • Simple to follow steps to building your self publishing business quickly and easily (and without manually creating your own product I’ll show you how to outsource it all!) by using outsource freelancers!
      • How to post a project on a freelancing site - all the way to selecting the freelancer and editing the work up to receiving the final book in the proper format ready to submit to the publishers — nothing is left to chance!
      • Everything you need to know to get your first book ready to sell — how to launch it as a hard cover, digital ebook, and ereader version with all the major publishers– so your book has the widest range markets to sell on — for maximum profits!
      • Master how to market your book and how to sell at the right price -- pricing your book slightly higher can significantly boost your income and I will show you how to price your book the right way!
      • Important: How to avoid the most common self publishing problems most new authors face, even if you decide to write the book yourself — I’ll reveal all my ‘little known self publishing and self promotion secrets’ to selling more books.

And the best thing is…

title low start up costs

You don’t need a lot of money to start with! There is a general misconception that you need a lot of money to publish a book. Not true! Not with the modern printing technology that I will talk about in my videos. I will show you how you can have your first book online and available worldwide for less than $100!

You could even make enough money to pay for the training after 30 days, when your first book is published.

Don’t have a lot of money to start your business?

You can rest easy there too! This is one of the fastest ways to build a business with a very low investment — compared to the possible high returns and with very minimal risk!

The thing is, with a self publishing business — it is all up to you — you learn as you build the business. Building your own self publishing business is a ‘smart investment’ especially considering the state of the economy these days. Add to that, a person never knows when they will be laid off and out of work, or injured and can’t make money with their normal employment.

You can build your own business as a hedge against inflation and to help boost your retirement savings too!

Investing some of your free time into your own business is a ‘smart decision’.

I have books selling for over three years now, with no extra edits or upkeep from the day I placed them for sale! All 100% automated income!

(Note: I’ll show you how to create a book that doesn’t have to be updated so once you publish the book you won’t have to touch it and it will keep selling for you for years and years!)

Inside the ‘World Wide Self Publishing Business Training’ you’ll get everything you need to build your own ‘self publishing business’ from the ground up!

Let’s get started today!

title comprehensive videos

most comprehensive videos

Inside World Wide Self Publishing Business Training you’ll discover PROVEN self-publishing methods that work. (I know because I’ve tried and tested them to short cut your learning curve!)

Just log in with your PC or Mac, and follow along with me.

You’ll be able to watch as I start from nothing but an idea and finish the video series with not only a hard copy book, and a digital book (ebook version) but also a formatted and read for approval Kindle (ereader style) book! PLUS your book will be converted into a format that ANYONE can read, whatever eReader device they have.

And I even show you how to outsource the whole thing so you don’t have to write even one word if you don’t want to!

You’ll wonder why you waited so long to publish your first book!

You’ll get a video check list too, so you can check off each video as you watch it so you stay on track so your new book created and ready to sell with a minimum of fuss!

The World Wide Self Publishing Business Training includes (not all videos are listed):

      • Introduction to Self Publishing
      • Proof My System Works
      • Finding A Profitable Niche

Publishing your hard copy book:

      • Research For Number of Searches & Keyword Selection
      • Using Custom Software For Keyword Research
      • Getting an ISBN Number For Your Book
      • Choosing A Profitable Title Which Is Searchable
      • Outsourcing from A to Z
      • Setting Up A Client Freelance Hiring Account
      • Posting a Project On A Freelancing Site
      • Selecting a Freelancer (Ghostwriter and Designer)
      • Setting Up & Funding Milestones For A Freelance Project
      • Proofing Freelancer’s Work
      • Comments On Freelancer’s Work and Drafts
      • Accepting Final Drafts for Content
      • Book Formatted
      • Book Completed
      • Design Samples Reviewed
      • Design Approved
      • Final Book Layout Completed
      • How To Use Pen Names And Why
      • Creating The Sales Letter
      • Why Use The Book Publisher I Use (World’s Largest)
      • Why My Market Choice Is Better Than Other Market Leaders
      • Comparing publishing companies
      • What is POD
      • Hard Copy Publishing World Wide With My Book Publisher
      • Comparing Printing Costs from Different Publishing Companies
      • Account Creation & Sign Up
      • Pricing & Profit Structure
      • Amazon Book Submission & Formatting
      • Amazon Price Change
      • Amazon Best Sellers List
      • Book Approval
      • Book is approved on Amazon and now what?
      • Getting Your Amazon Book To # 1
      • My “Ketchup” Marketing Strategy
      • I show you that the book I created in the brand new niche is Number 1 on all the Amazon sites worldwide and lots of other book selling web sites.

Publishing your eBook and create sales page for your eBook:

      • Make eBook Ready To Publish
      • Publish the book with my ebook publisher for worldwide distribution
      • eBook Proof
      • eBook Approved
      • eBook appears on hundreds of websites, worldwide
      • Clickbank Account Information
      • Clickbank Account Setup & Submission Information
      • Clickbank Book Upload With Filezilla
      • Clickbank Sales Page For eBook
      • Clickbank Book Submission For Approval
      • Clickbank Book Approved
      • Your Book Listing In Clickbank Marketplace
      • Paying Clickbank Activation Fee
      • I show you that the eBook I created in the brand new niche is Number 1 on all the Amazon sites worldwide and lots of other eBook selling web sites.

Publishing your Kindle book:

      • eBook Readers & Formats Explained
      • Kindle Formatting Text
      • Kindle Formatting Images
      • Kindle Formatting Cover
      • How To Create The Cover For Kindle & Thumbnail Creation
      • Kindle Book Formatting For Publishing
      • Kindle Publishing Information
      • Kindle Royalties and Pricing
      • Publish Your Kindle Book
      • Kindle Marketing Strategy
      • Alternative Method 1 To Covert Files For Publishing
      • Alternative Method 2 To Convert Files For Publishing
      • I show you that the Kindle Book I created in the brand new niche is Number 1 on all the Amazon sites worldwide. 

Publishing your iBook ( iTunes) and ebook version for Androids, Nook, and every other popular eReader device:

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Note added in October 2017: I still use exactly the same publishing system today. A few things have changed since I created the video tutorials and I will email those changes to buyers.